Red Bull Creation

Posted on July 8th, 2012 at 9:54 am by


Red Bull Creation

This is our entry for the qualifying round of the 2012 Red Bull Creation competition.  If chosen we will face 11 other elite maker teams.

Basically we wrote a processing sketch that takes text or an image and converts the data to a huge I/O array that is then passed to the arduino Bullduino.  The Bullduino then uses a adafruit motor shield to control the two drive wheels and and the servo while the laser is triggered to form each pixel.  The blue laser then instantly charges the phosphorescent painted board to reveil the message.  We are hoping to make a prettier version and have it use blue tooth to pass tweets filtered by #Studio KMD but thats down the road.  The project was a bit rough around the edges for our tastes but not bad for limited time, no budget and shorthanded team.

Also, as usual with non client based projects, if you want the source code that made it happen or any help in recreating the project for yourself just send the request to and we will post it as well.